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RSD2016 had the following plenary speaker, and invited speakers.

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Plenary speaker

  • Professor Herbert Urbassek

Presentation : "Low-energy ion-solid interactions and sputtering"


Invited speakers

  • Professor Roger Smith, Loughborough University (UK)

Presentation : "Modelling the deposition of oxide thin film and metal coatings thereon"


  • Dr. Christophe Schiffers, Cemecon (GER)

Presentation : "Milestones in Reactive Sputtering and HiPIMS for Premium Cutting Tools"



  • Dr. Erik Lewin, Uppsala University (SWE)

Presentation : "Synthesis and characterisation of compositionally complex coatings"



  • Dr. Zoe Barber, University of Cambridge (GB)

Presentation : "Thin film development using magnetron sputter deposition"



Sarton lecture by Prof. J Greene

Connected to the RSD2016 symposium, Prof. J. Greene received the Sarton chair 2016 for his study on the history of thin film depostion and material science.

Laudatio by Diederik Depla


Prof. J. Greene during his lecture in the Aula.

Prof. J. Greene receives the official documents.

The official picture for the Sarton Chair ceremony

DRAFT in the Aula.