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Twelveth International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2013

  Paris, France - 13 Sept 2013


In 2013, RSD was incorporated within the IVC19 conference held in Paris, France. A focused session on Friday was covered by the following talks.

8:00 Baragiola Raul A. (invited)
Surface science questions in astrophysics
8:30 Kusano Eiji, Sakamoto M. Evaluation of time-dependent compound layer formation and removal at target surface by model calculation of mass balance change in reactive sputtering
8:45 Strijckmans Koen, Depla D. How does redeposition influence reactive sputtering?
9:00 Klostermann Heidrun, Fietzke F., Krätzschmar B. Deposition of mixed oxide coatings by pulsed reactive co-sputtering
9:15 Brown H., Thwaites M.J., Hockley P.J., Curry R.J., Baker M.A. High performance SiO2 barrier films deposited onto polymer substrates by RF reactive remote plasma sputtering
9:30 Blazek Jakub, Musil J., Fajfrlik K., Cerstvy R., Proksova S. Antibacterial Cr-Cu-O thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
9:45 Dereeper Eloi, Briois P., Billard A. BITAVOX.20-based electrochemical sensor built by reactive magnetron sputtering for hydrocarbon detection at moderate temperature.
10:00 Brault Pascal, Xie L., Thomann A. Molecular Dynamics simulations of plasma sputtered ZrxCu1-x amorphous metallic glass thin film growth. Effects of composition and kinetic energy
10:15 Le Paven Claire, Lu Y., Nguyen H., Benzerga R., Le Gendre L., Sharaiha A., Delaveaud C., Tessier F., Cheviré F. Structural and dielectric characterization of perovskite oxide and oxynitride lanthanum titanium films deposited by reactive sputtering deposition
10:30 Goto Masahiro, Sasaki M., Kasahara A., Tosa M. Low frictional ZnO thin films synthesized by a combinatorial sputter coating system
10:45 Schiffers Christoph, Leyendecker T., Lemmer O., Kölker W. Advances in Process Technology and Deposition Equipment for HiPIMS Coatings for Cutting Tools
11:00 Lamas Jerika, Leroy W.P., Depla D.
Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia thin films as oxygen ion conductor for solid oxide fuel cells
 11:15 Bouscarrat Guillaume
Innovative wear-resistant coating under unlubricated conditions in a wide range of temperature realized by reactive magnetron sputtering
 11:30 Gui Yunfang, Arab Pour Yazdi M., Lapostolle F., Besnard A., Billard A.
Synthesis and characterisation of Magneli phases of titanium (TinO2n-1) coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering