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Eleventh International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2012

  Ghent, Belgium - 13 & 14 Dec 2012

The international symposium on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2012 will covered a broad range of topics in four sessions. For the full program (pdf), click here.

  • Simulation of the reactive sputtering process

    Invited Speaker: Dr. F. Jimenez "Fundamental aspects of magnetron sputtering simulation" 

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. T. Kubart "Modelling of reactive sputtering: Recent progress and challenges"

  • Complex materials

    Invited Speaker: Prof. A. Billard 
    "Synthesis, characterisation and applications of sputter deposited solid electrolytes"

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. A.-L. Thomann "Deposition of multi-element metallic thin films by magnetron sputtering: metallic glasses and high entropy alloys"

  • Optical coatings

    Invited Speaker: prof. dr. E. Kusano
    "Refractive index enhancement by rf-plasma assistance in reactive dc and pulsed dc sputter-deposition of Ta2O5 and TiO2 films"

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. H. Wiame 
    "Opto-energetical properties of PVD film deposited on flat glass: from Low-e to triple silver coating"

  • Industrial research

    Invited Speaker: Dr. M. Hanika
    "Industrial scale large area sputter depositions: Applications, Challenges and Achievements"

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. P. Lippens
    "Sputter deposition of TCO's in various large area coating applications using ceramic rotary targets"

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