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Tenth International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2011

  Linköping, Sweden - 8 & 9 Dec 2011

The international Reactive Sputter Deposition Symposium 2011 was hosted by the Linköping University on 8 & 9 December 2011. 

About 100 delegates from both university and industry attended this interesting symposium. 

This symposium started with a plenary talk by Peter Sigmund on "My fifty years with sputtering

Beside poster session the following oral sessions were organised

Invited speaker:  L. Martinu, "Dynamics of reactive sputtering discharges"

HIPP/ Ionized PVD :
Invited speaker :J. Vlcek,  "Modeling of high power impulse magnetron sputtering"

Industrial research:
Invited speaker: D. Kurapov, "PVD oxide coatings for tooling applications"

Growth of nanomaterials- and coatings:
Invited speaker: Y.T. Pei, "Dynamic roughening to dynamic smoothing: the growth behavior of reactively sputtered nanocomposite carbon based films"

The RSD2011 Organising Committee:

Ulf Helmersson (Linköping, SE)
Per Eklund (Linköping, SE)
Naureen Ghafoor (Linköping, SE)
Kostas Sarakinos (Linköping, SE)
Kristian Flodström, Rowaco, SE (Exhibition)

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