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a research group of the department of Solid State Sciences, Ghent University

Books (from 2006 till today):

Sputter deposition of complex alloy thin films
Ph.D. Thesis, B. Braeckman
December 2016
Modeling the reactive magnetron sputter process
Ph.D. Thesis, K. Strijckmans
September 2015
Dual magnetron sputter deposition of yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films
Ph.D. Thesis, J.S. Lamas
March 2014

Magnetrons, Reactive Gases and Sputtering
Diederik Depla
1st Edition, 15 Sept. 2013
2nd Edition, 15 Sept. 2014
3rd Edition, August 2015
4rd Edition, August 2017
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ISBN: 978-1304347817

Key aspects of sputtering illustrated by the use of multi-element powder mixtures
Ph.D. Thesis, F. Boydens
April 2013

ISBN: 978-9461971234
Ph.D. Thesis, M. Saraiva
April 2012

ISBN: 978-9461970381
Reactive Sputter Deposition
Springer Series in Materials Science
ISBN 978-3540766629

Depositie Van Complexe Materialen.
Publication (in Dutch) in "Oppervlaktetechnieken", in the framework of EuroFinish2011.
April issue, 2011
  Depositie van dunne deklagen met magnetronsputteren.
Publication (in Dutch) in "Oppervlaktetechnieken", the journal of the Dutch association for surface finishing techniques VOM
January issue, 2008
  Structure Evolution of Biaxially Aligned Thin Films Deposited by Sputtering
Ph.D. Thesis, P. Ghekiere
February 2007
  Biaxial Alignment in Sputter Deposited Thin Films
Ph.D. Thesis, S. Mahieu
May 2006
  Simplified model for the d.c. planar magnetron discharge
Ph.D. Thesis, G. Buyle
December 2005
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