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a research group of the department of Solid State Sciences, Ghent University

Course: Surface Physics and Thin Films (info sheet English/Dutch)

To acquire a thorough level of understanding of surface physics and the interaction of surfaces with electrons, ions and molecules. To familiarize the student with the characterization of surfaces. These subjects are applied for the study of different deposition techniques for thin films and their growth mechanisms. However, several of the subjects can be applied in different courses.

Within the framework of this course, a company visit is organized.

A few pictures can be found below (thanks to Jakub Druga).
AR Metalizing is world-leading manufacturer of Aluminium-coated paper for the labeling industry.
Aluminium is evaporated by unrolling Al-wire onto BN heaters
 Paper is covered with the Al-coating to be used for printing of (beer) labels
Kilometers of paper pass by in a few minutes
 The end product is either put back on a roll...
 ..or is cut into sheets

Sirris - Smart Coating Lab is a lab where high-tech coatings can be applied to any object, suited for the applications of SME's.
A high-tech Hauzer is used for PVD coatings: arc-evaporation, DC sputtering, HiPIMS Substrates can be rotated up to three-fold CVD reactor Analysis of contact and sliding angle Some examples