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a research group of the department of Solid State Sciences, Ghent University


The research group DRAFT (Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets) studies magnetron sputter deposition in general. The group started in the 1980's, with the deposition of Zn/Cu alloys on steel cord wire. From this period stems the tradition to develop its own magnetron sources. Beside the research to industrial interesting materials such as superconductors or (photo)catalytic systems, the group focusses on the fundamental aspects of reactive sputter deposition. Detailled information on current and finished projects within our research group can be found in on these pages.

Our long tradition in magnetron sputtering and high-level, fundamental research resulted in an international status on reactive sputtering, with many publications & presentations, the organisation of the bi-annual, international symposium "Reactive Sputter Deposition",  D. Depla as secretary of the thin film division of the IUVSTA (www.iuvsta.org) and the vice-presidency of D. Depla of the Belgian Vacuum Society (www.belvac.be).

Realizing the benefits of close collaboration with the industry and knowing the high demand for test-depositions and small-scale research projects, our research group offers the perfect solution for each interested party: DRAFT, which is your partner for Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets (DRAFT).