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Nineth International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2010

 Ghent, Belgium - 9 & 10 Dec 2010

The international Reactive Sputter Deposition Symposium 2010 was back in Ghent on 9 & 10 December 2010.

About 100 delegates from both university and industry attended this interesting symposium. 

This symposium addressed the following topics:

Ion - Solid Interactions
Invited Speaker: prof. dr. W. Möller 
 "Ion-surface interactions in thin film processing"
Keynote Speaker: prof. dr. S. Lucas "From target to substrate: a journey full of interactions"

Stress in polycrystalline films

Invited Speaker: prof. dr. E. Chason
"Understanding the evolution of stress in sputtered films: effect of competing kinetic processes"

Keynote Speaker: prof. dr. Grégory Abadias "In situ stress evolutions in low mobility metal and nitride films during magnetron sputtering"

Smart Coatings
Invited Speaker: prof. dr. Matthias Wuttig
"Phase change materials: a challenge for our understanding of amorphous and crystalline solids"
Keynote Speaker: prof. dr. A. Billard "Synthesis, characterisation and applications of sputter deposited solid electrolytes"

Pulsed Plasmas
Invited Speaker: prof. dr. U. Helmersson
"Fundamentals of high power impulse magnetron sputtering"
Keynote Speaker: dr. Stephanos Konstantinidis
 "The synthesis of oxide layers by High-Power Impulse  Magnetron Sputtering"

You can get a copy of the book of abstracts here.
For a view of the programme, please click here.

The RSD2010 Organising Committee:

Prof. Diederik Depla, Ghent University
Prof. Roger De Gryse, Ghent University
Dr. Wouter Leroy, Ghent University

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