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International Symposium on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2005

  Delft, The Netherlands - 2005

In 2005, Prof. G.C.A.M. Janssen agreed to organize the symposium in Delft to stress the cooperation between the Belgian and Dutch Vacuum Societies.

A sample from the speakers list:

  • G.J. Van der Kolk (Ionbond, The Netherlands)
    Reactive sputtering, growing rapidly in the industry

  • L. Tegelaers (Heat & Surface Treatment, The Netherlands)
    Reactive Sputtering in practice

  • J.Musil, University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic.
    Nanocomposite coatings with enhanced hardness prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering

  • J.-D.Kamminga, TU Delft, The Netherlands.
    Science and application of duplex coatings

  • Joe Greene, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA.
    Transition-metal nitrides (and related compounds) for energy-realted applications: nanostructure design at the atomic scale

  • Christian Mitterer, Universty of Leoben, Austria.
    Multifunctional low-friction coatings for wear protection

  • Paul H. Mayrhofer, RWTH-Aachen, Germany.
    Supersaturated phase formation and age hardening of hard coatings

  • S.Mahieu, Ghent University, Belgium.
    Biaxial alignment in sputter deposited thin films

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