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International Symposium on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2009

  Manchester, UK - 10 & 11 Dec 2009

The international Reactive Sputter Deposition Symposium 2009 was hosted by the Manchester Metropolitan University on 10 & 11 December 2009.

About 100 delegates from both university and industry attended this interesting symposium. 

This symposium addressed the following topics:

    • New Developments in Reactive Sputtering: HIPIMS, pulsed reactive sputtering, process control, high rate sputtering, etc.
      Invited speaker: Ralf Bandorf, IST Fraunhofer, ‘Alumina coatings deposited by HIPIMS’

    • Plasma diagnostics and Process Modelling: development of diagnostic techniques for reactive environments, reactive sputtering models, etc.
      Invited speaker: Stanislav Mraz, RWTH Aachen University, ‘Negative ions in magnetron sputtering plasmas’

    • Film Growth and Characterisation: interrelationships between process parameters and film structures and properties, high resolution analytical techniques, etc.
      Invited speaker: Wouter Leroy, University of Gent, ‘Linking reactive sputtering models to experimental reality by determining the real-time parameters’

    • Industrial Applications and Practice: industrial scale process control, new developments and applications, future trends and markets, system design, scale up issues, etc.
      Invited speakers: Johannes Struempfel, Von Ardenne, ‘Industrial Magnetron Sputtering for Photovoltaic and Architectural Glass Coating’
You can get a copy of the book of abstracts here (5.8MB).
For a view of the programme, please click here.

The RSD2009 Organising Committee:
Prof Peter Kelly, Manchester Metropolitan University (Chair)
Prof James Bradley, University of Liverpool
Prof Diederik Delpa, Ghent University
Prof Roger De Gryse, Ghent University
Dr Janet O’Brien-O’Reilly, Pilkington NSG
Dr Alf Smith, Dalmatian Technologies
Dr Gregory Clarke, Pilkington NSG
Dr Glen West, Manchester Metropolitan University

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